It's all about tranformation.

General Leadership Questions and Answers

What is leadership development?

It's not about having more info. If you want more info, you can simply hop online for leadership quotes, books, and videos. Concentrus's leadership development process starts with understanding who you are and your underlying beliefs in the context of your vision. From this new understanding, we explore the emotions that will fuel action. Leadership development is a continuous process of enhancing your awareness of yourself and others, going deeper rather than wider, looking at your results, adjusting, and going again.

What is a "good leader"?

Forget "good" - let's talk about great leaders.
Great leaders "Be, Do & Have." At Concentrus, we start you off by learning your natural tendencies and who you're hardwired to "Be." Then we make sure that your career direction is enabling you to "Do" at your maximum natural abilities so that you can "Have" the results you're seeking.

What management skills are essential for today's executives?

Skill one: understand your natural tendencies. Then learn how to confidently use them for what's needed at any time. We call that maturity.
Skill two: learn to delegate what is not natural to you. Delegating tasks to those who are naturally energized by them is an often overlooked, yet essential management skill.

Should I develop a leadership style, or just do what's right for the moment?

At Concentrus, we don't believe that's an "either or." What if developing your leadership style is what's right for the moment? We always take your current reality seriously and will schedule an intake survey or call prior to answering any of your "should I" questions. In addition, our DISC3 Temperament Assessment and validation will give you invaluable insight into your leadership style, your natural inclinations (why you do what you do), your challenger (why there may be conflict with others around you - including conflict you might not even know about).

Concentrus Questions and Answers

Is Concentrus a fit for my organization?

Concentrus's experiential leadership training works best with clients whose:
  • Senior leaders are willing to spend time training with their direct reports.
  • Senior leaders are committed to transforming their culture
  • Organization has 150 employees or more, with at least 10 managers

What makes you any different from hundreds of other leadership development programs?

Let's start with these 6 differentiators:
  • Our desire for an ongoing relationship with our clients
  • Our focus on a client's natural way of being and vision
  • Our commitment to transformation in our clients' lives
  • Our focus on both personal and professional development
  • Our UB SMART system means that you walk away with tangible, measureable results
  • Our DISC3 Temperament Assessment and validation

What kinds of organizations do you serve?

We serve only those organizations who are truly committed to transformation and developing a vision, and who desire an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship. If they're willing to push through barriers toward something unprecedented, then we happily serve any kind of organization, public or private, for-profit or charity.

How much do your services cost?

It depends on your goals. Please let us know the desired outcomes of your training and coaching, and we'll customize a proposal for you.

Do you provide individual coaching?

We provide individual coaching, group coaching, and a combination. A quick summary of the coaching we do and their benefits:
  • Connecting with training distinctions intellectually and emotionally
  • Unprecedented, bold results you can measure
  • Increased clarity, improved accountability, and an impetus for change
  • Self-generated insights rather than getting advice

Do you provide team development?

Absolutely. Some outcomes of our team development trainings include:
  • Breaking "silos"
  • A deepening understanding and appreciation for other competing views of reality
  • High levels of alignment, collaboration, and partnership
  • Learning how to make the best possible decisions for your organization
  • Giving and receiving feedback to learn where you are and where you're going
  • Experiential exercises where you can notice your "winning strategies," what's working and what isn't

How long does a typical development program take?

We have customized leadership programs for your executives, managers, and frontline teams. A typical program can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks for a coaching season, or an ongoing leadership track package can run 3 to 4 years and even beyond.

Is the training an all-day affair, or can it be spread out?

We have half-day, full-day, and 2- to 3-day trainings. Above all, we want to develop an ongoing training relationship with you, so that we can get to know your organization, culture, and employees. Ideally, we should spread out the trainings, since we want our participants to walk away from sessions with a few distinctions that they'd like to work on, come back to the training room and debrief what worked and what didn't, then learn new distinctions and go again. To do this, trainings may be spread out over quarters, months, even years.

Where do your training sessions take place?

At our offices, a hotel of your choosing, at your facility, or another location that we'll recommend and arrange. Training space requirements, equipment, and travel requirements must be met regardless of location.

Can I choose which one of your team members does the training and coaching?

Typically that's not an option. First, we need to match the trainer to the organization and its needs. On another note, all Concentrus trainers and coaches meets extremely high standards of excellence, we're confident that they will deliver the right training and coaching to you.

Do you work with more than one company in the same industry?

Yes. Working with multiple companies in the same industry facilitates depth of understanding of best practices and common pitfalls. That said, when you work with us, you and your company will have the highest level of confidentiality. We do not even mention to others who we're serving unless we have their express written permission. We also do not play favorites - we focus on your internal needs, not your competitive standing.